BMW Wreckers Melbourne

BMW Wrecking services for all makes and models of BMWs

BMW Wreckers Melbourne is a well-known car parts retailer for all makes and models of BMW vehicles. 1300 cash for cars has a wide range of genuine BMW parts, as well as aftermarket alternatives for your vehicle. However, if you’re not sure about what to buy for your car, our team of professionals are on hand to help you with your enquiry.

BMW Wreckers Melbourne
BMW Wreckers Melbourne

What is the BMW Wreckers Melbourne?

The BMW Wreckers Melbourne are professional and fully certified wreckers in Melbourne. Their highly trained team provides a quick response to your breakdowns, regardless of the car make and model.

Types of Services Provided by The BMW Wreckers Melbourne

The BMW Wreckers Melbourne specialize in the service and repair of all makes and models of BMWs. They offer a range of services including computer diagnostics, engine mechanics, electronic diagnosis, electrical diagnosis, full mechanical and cosmetic detailing, wheel balancing, and wheel alignment.

Why Choose The BMW Wreckers Melbourne?

BMWs are one of the most expensive cars to own. There are many hidden costs that come with owning such a luxury car such as registration, repairs, and insurance. When it comes to this type of vehicle, you need professional help when it’s time for replacement or repair. That’s where the BMW Wreckers Melbourne comes in! Our automotive team has over 30 years of experience in all areas of car maintenance, including new and used cars. We specialize in European vehicles, but we also service anything else you drive from Nissan to Toyota.

How to Get a Price Quote From The BMW Wreckers Melbourne

Get a quote and book your BMW car wreckers Melbourne by filling out our easy online form. We are specialists in all makes and models of BMWs and happy to accept all the time slots that you need.

Where to Buy Your Parts From

Finding quality parts for your BMW is not always easy. But, if you know where to buy your parts from, you will find a lot of help in getting the job done. For example, you can buy certain types of repair parts from a company like because this company offers such high-quality products and competitive prices.


Our wrecking services include all makes and models of BMWs. All our cars are top notch, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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